Friday, April 8, 2011

QR Code Tattoos

Personally I've always been afraid of needles, which is why I probably don't have any tattoos, but this is going a bit extreme - maybe....

QR Code Tattoos???

What happens if the URL is somehow not around anymore?  What about shortened URLs? What if they come out with different technology?

Wow, just Wow.


  1. I can think of a few reasons this is not a good idea. Not for me.

  2. Certainly to each their own I say - I just worry about the technology aspect. Especially when future technology (always will be the case) surpasses and then they are stuck with a tattoo of outdated tech.

  3. Or you could go our route - we had a bunch of those tattoo transfers made up with QR codes leading to the company website, and then took them to a conference and gave them out willy-nilly. One thing to think about is that many apps will have issues reading the QR code if they're not on a flat surface... your forehead is curved, and that makes it harder to read the QR code.

    Other thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't have to be a url. You could store something important in there that meant something only to you (like the name of your first borns), and that wouldn't matter if the tech got out of date...

  4. Hey Jared - I love that temporary tattoo idea, now that's my style :)

    I do agree it doesn't have to be a URL, but most QR readers don't know what to do with plain data. I'm still waiting for implantable RFID chips I can put in my daughter with GPS when she gets to dating age (just kidding)!

  5. Me and my wife both have qr tattoo on the soles of our left feet that has our wedding vows in plain text.

  6. Hi Zacharia,

    That's actually a great idea! I like the fact it's in plain text so it doesn't rely on web tech. Very cool idea.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mike C

  7. I have one with a link to a folder inside my website, so i can change the destination dynamically!

  8. It means Maci Clare Peltz